Vison Overlay


Manufacturer: Vison Tech Products LLC 

Product Description:

VISON Overlay is a single component, polymer-modified cementitious overlay that can be applied and stamped to provide an imprinted concrete look for residential or commercial applications. Applied from ¼” to 5/8”, accepts color hardeners, integral color and after sealing becomes a durable wear surface. Vison Overlay can be installed interior or exterior over well-cured concrete substrates on new or for the renovation of existing concrete on older projects. Usage of textures and colors makes it easy to blend with any décor.


Vison Overlay must not be used over gypsum-based surfaces, old adhesives residue, paints, wood products, plastics, vinyl, epoxy, urethane floor coverings, or elastomeric membranes. Use in the temperature range of 40°F to 90°F (Do not allow the product to freeze for the first 72 hours). Vison Overlay should never be applied to any surface unless it has been previously primed with Vison M4 latex liquid to increase adhesion to the substrate and allow the underlayment to retain moisture for higher strengths. Do not use Vison Overlay over substrates subject to hydrostatic pressure.


Preparatory Work – All surfaces to receive Vison Overlay must be structurally sound. Surfaces shall be free from dust, grease, wax, sealers, old adhesives, cut-back residue, curing compounds, oils, gypsum-based underlayments, surface hardeners, paints, and old flooring, and other foreign materials before application of M4 latex bond coat. Concrete shall be completely exposed, fully cured, and free of efflorescence, and hydrostatic pressure (moisture test should be done prior to application). Chip, sandblast, shot blast, or hammer out any spalled unsound concrete. Clean off any resulting dust. Hand-troweled concrete should be thoroughly scarified or acid-etched using a 10% muriatic wash. It is important that the acid sludge be thoroughly neutralized with a diluted solution of TSP or Baking powder (one pound per 5 gal water) and flushed from the floor with clean water.


Prime the clean surface using one part of Vison M4 latex liquid diluted with one part of water. Apply an even coat with a roller or sprayer and brush or broom to work the primer into the pores of the substrate. Allow the primer to dry to a “tacky” surface then apply the overlay mix. Reapply primer if first application becomes dry.


Mix one 50 lb. bag of Vison Overlay with one gallon of water. Always add the powder slowly to the total amount of water while mixing with a low RPM power mixer equipped with an egg beater-type mixing wand. This wand will help prevent air entertainment which produces pinholes in the finished surface. Continue to mix thoroughly until a lump-free mix is obtained for an additional two minutes. Additional water may be needed to properly mix the batch to a consistency of a runny milk-shake, but should never exceed a total of 5 quarts of water. After mixing, allow mix to slake for approximately 5 minutes before use. Do not mix more material than can be applied within 30 minutes, especially in hot dry conditions.

Expansion Joints:

Expansion joints saw cut (control) joints, cold joints or structural cracks shall never be bridged over with Vison Overlay. All joints must be honored. Install expansion joints where the perimeter walls, dissimilar floors, curbs, columns, and pipes. An architect or structural engineer must specify expansion joints and show location details on drawings.


Vison Overlay shall be applied over substrates that are between 40°F and 90°F and have been properly primed. Avoid applying mixture under windy days that may cause the surface to dry prematurely and produce surface cracking. Spread the mix using a gauge rake, or straight edge screed to achieve the desired thickness. Use a magic trowel to work im-perfections out of the surface. Do not overwork the surface as the application of imprinting tools will relieve most surface imperfections. Do not allow overlay mix to freeze for the first 72 hours.

Net Content: 50 lb


  • 25 Square feet per bag at ¼”         
  • 18 Square feet per bag at 3/8


Water is all that is needed to remove the uncured Overlay mix


A minimum cure is obtained in 12 to 24 hours, depending on the ambient temperatures. As with concrete, the strength increases significantly with age during the first 28 days.

Technical Data:

As of today, there are no specifications industry-approved. All provided data are in good faith

Compression (PSI)                  7 days             2300 

                                                 28 days          2700  

Shore D Hardness                   24 hours         25                            

                                                 7 days            63 

                                                 28 days          65

Tensile (PSI)                            7 days            150                         

                                                28 days           310  

 Shear Bond (PSI)                   7 days             319

                                                28 days           372

Chemical Resistance              Acid (5%)         No Reaction

                                                Alkalide (5%)   No Reaction

                                                Petroleum        No Reaction 

Wet Slip Resistance ASTM Standard C-1028 Test Method               

                                                0.69                Rough Surface Up 

Storage Life:

One year if kept in a dry sealed bag. Because handling and use is beyond the control of the manufacturer, our responsibility is limited to the replacement of defective product. 


Use in well-ventilated areas, avoid inhalation of vapors, and contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water and call the physician immediately; for skin contact, wash with warm soapy water. If material is swallowed, immediately call a physician