Vison Spray Texture


Manufacturer: Vison Tech Products LLC

Product Description

VISON SPRAY TEXTURE is a polymer-modified, Portland cement-based decorative coating designed as an economical method to enhance the appearance of any concrete surface. SPRAY TEXTURE is mixed with water only, to produce a tough, durable finish. SPRAY TEXTURE can be sprayed and knocked down to provide a textured finish and it can also be trowel applied over stencils or carved to give the TEXTURE a stone, tile, or brick look.

Net Content:

50 lbs


Do not apply when the temperature, materials, or substrates are below 55°F before and for 48 hours after installation. Do not apply in hot windy or rainy conditions; use sunscreens. Do not use for installations requiring acid and industrial chemical resistance. Do not apply over ¼-inch thick in one application. Substrate cracks with movement may telegraph through SPRAY TEXTURE installations.


Preparatory Work - All surfaces must be well cured, dry, structurally sound, and free of grease, oil, dirt, mildew, dust, wax, curing compounds, paints, sealers, efflorescence, and any loose material. Cleaning may be accomplished via mechanical sanding, scraping, or chipping. If the surface is cleaned with muriatic acid, it must be thoroughly flushed and neutralized with a solution of baking soda and water. If necessary, relevel or patch small areas up to 1/4-inch thick using SPRAY TEXTURE mixed to a heavy paste consistency


Prime the clean surface using one part of Vison M4 latex liquid diluted with one part of water. Apply an even coat with a roller or sprayer and brush or broom to work the primer into the pores of the substrate. Allow the primer to dry to a “tacky” surface, then apply the SPRAY TEXTURE. Reapply primer if the first application becomes dry.


Pour 4 1/2 quarts of water into a clean pail. Slowly pour in 50 lbs. of SPRAY TEXTURE powder. Add the powder slowly while stirring to avoid lumps. Faster mixing can be achieved by using a low-speed drill and paddle mixer. Mix until lump-free, about 3-4 minutes. Let stand for 2-3 minutes; then remix. A universal colorant may be added at this time to color white SPRAY TEXTURE or if color enhancement is desired. Do not add any other material to this mix. Mix only enough SPRAY TEXTURE that can be applied within 30 minutes.

Expansion Joints:

Expansion joints saw cut (control) joints, cold joints or structural cracks shall never be bridged over with SPRAY TEXTURE. All joints must be honored. Install expansion joints where the perimeter walls, dissimilar floors, curbs, columns, and pipes. An architect or structural engineer must specify expansion joints and show location details on drawings


Most TEXTUREs are extremely dry and porous. For best results, dampen the TEXTURE with water first by rolling, brushing, or spraying with clean water. Do not allow standing water. Spray applications can be achieved using airless spray equipment or hop-per guns. A squeegee base coat can be applied and then use a hopper sprayer applying a textured top coat for a knock-down finish. SPRAY TEXTURE can also be sprayed or trowel applied over stencils which are commercially available in brick, tile, and stone patterns. Do not fill existing expansion or control joints with SPRAY TEXTURE

Technical Data:

As of today, there is no specifications industry ap-proved. All provided data are in good faith

Compression (PSI)                7 days             2300

                                               28 days           2700

Shore D Hardness                 24 hours          25

                                               7 days             63

                                               28 days           65

Tensile (PSI)                          7 days             150

                                               28 days           310

Shear Bond (PSI)                  7 days             319

                                              28 days           372

Chemical Resistance            Acid (5%)        No Reaction

                                              Alkalide (5%)  No Reaction

                                              Petroleum       No Reaction

Wet Slip Resistance ASTM Standard C-1028 Test Method           0.69                Rough Surface Up


150-200 square feet per 50-pound bag. Note: Coverage will vary depending on the smoothness of substrate and texture of finish desired.


Water is all that is needed to remove uncured SPRAY TEXTURE


After the SPRAY TEXTURE has dried a minimum of 2-4 hours depending on temperature, apply SPRAY TEXTURE COLOR SEALER following the instructions